Canada strives to become a leader in world ecology

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In the meantime, renewable energy projects need to be supported in each province. We must encourage and defend the development of hydropower, as it can be a huge competitive advantage for Canada. To protect old technology, we need to get rid of the legal shackles that hold back the emergence of new ones. Energy efficiency should be a widespread demand. We need to demand this from both the authorities and ourselves. Stop arguing about public transport, it’s time to create. Focusing on climate can be a winning strategy for the economy, for the climate itself and even for the political arena.

When British Columbia was the first place in North America to have a carbon-tax-independent income tax, many governments and companies in the world still struggled with their current state of affairs. Nevertheless, the economy of British Columbia did not falter, offering 5,000 new jobs annually from 2008 to 2014. An absolutely new “clean” energy industry was launched, which today can boast more than 200 companies contributing to the development of the provincial economy. The experience of British Columbia reflects the balance between the development of the energy, economic and environmental components of the province. Conducting disputes about the same topics at the national level, we find new ways to look at problems, which will help bring us closer to better solutions, which, in turn, require originality and determination. If we are only waiting for unanimity in a country like Canada, we will not achieve much. Nevertheless, many will try to promote new solutions that really work.

This is progress. This is what we have to achieve: a more stable economy that will meet the growing global demand for renewable energy, significant working positions for young people who are just starting their professional path, as well as for those who already have more than ten years of experience. Changes in the development strategy of the environment can bring large cash dividends. For Canada, it is time to strive for excellence on the path to a balanced management of environmental and economic components. Strong leadership is required, but the task is doable.