Free gifts in honor of Canada’s 150th Birthday

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Need more flags to celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday? You are lucky: it will be very easy to find them. This applies not only flags. In honor of the holiday, various companies will distribute any trinkets for free. But you can find more sensible things. In this article we will explain how to get a free gift.

Flags The Canadian Heritage Department promises to give out miniature flags of Canada for free at fairs and events throughout the country. If you missed the local fair, but your inner patriot requires the Canadian flag, contact your parliamentarians. Deputies have a certain number of small and large flags, as well as icons with flags, to distribute them to their voters. Deputies in different ways prioritize and respond to requests, but in their office should help. For example, here is a page where you can request flags from Kent Hera, a parliamentarian from the Calgary Center district. If you have time plenty of time you can stand in line to receive a large flag that once stood above the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill. Get ready to wait: according to estimates by the Ministry of Public Works and Government Services of Canada, the approximate waiting time will be 54 years. But to get the flag, which flaunted over the Eastern or Western bloc, you can only for 40 years. To join the 15,000 people on the waiting list, follow this guide.

Photo of the Queen Don’t you stop at the Canadian flag? Then request a free photo of the head of state or her spouse, the duke of Edinburgh. Photos can be downloaded on the website of the Department of Canadian Heritage or write an e-mail with a request to send a printed copy. Just remember: you can not place the image of the Queen on clothing, packaging and labels. We warned you. And if you meet some criteria, you can request a personalized birthday greeting or anniversary from the Queen, the Prime Minister or the Governor-General. For example, the Queen sends congratulations only to Canadians who are over a hundred years old, or to those who celebrate the 60th wedding anniversary. In general, the restrictions weaken as the position is lowered. So, the Prime Minister will send you a greeting card in honor of the 65th Birthday.

Pass to the parks of Canada In 2017, the entrance to the national parks of Canada is free. So many people tried to get into them, that in December the website, which gives the appropriate passes, even failed. Don’t worry, you can get a pass here. In general, now you don’t need a pass to enter the park, but it can be a pleasant souvenir. [contact-form-7 id “8881” title “Email Subscription” Canadian sights subscription If you have recently come to Canada, you can get a ticket to visit the sights. It provides free admission and discounts in many interesting places throughout the country. The subscription extends to museums, parks, art galleries, historical sites, etc. You can get this pass on the condition that you became a Canadian citizen no more than 365 days ago and you Pass to the museums This summer in Ottawa you can visit many national museums for free, including the Nature Museum, the Historical Museum, the Aviation and Space Museum. The most popular time for free visits is Thursday evening. A full list of museums is available on the Ottawa Tourism website, but it is better to visit the site of each of them to clarify information. Tours on Parliament Hill are free.