Holidays in Montreal

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By the number of museums, Montreal has left far behind the rest of the Canadian cities. Because of this, tourists often want to multiply and not sleep, in order to have time to attend all the proposed events and not miss a portion of nightly fun – from a cultural visit to a huge planetarium to themed discos of various clubs and bars. And what an abundance of festivals takes place here! Dedicated to the snow, the patrons of the city, fireworks, laughter, movies, jazz … In early June, you can see for yourself and feel the drive of the famous Formula 1 race.

Montreal bathes in the green colors of its many forests, squares, greenhouses and gardens. Especially noteworthy is the park of the same name, spread out on the slopes of Mont Royal, designed by Frederick Olmstead himself, the famous creator of Central Park in New York. As in the first US city in Montreal, Olmstead Park is the most popular holiday destination.

Montreal is a kaleidoscope of the incompatible: churches and skyscrapers, cars and horse-drawn carts, a piece of Europe in North America. Here you can look into the areas of Italian immigrants or set foot on the lands of the Jewish community, marvel at the scale and luxury of the buildings in the Golden Square Mile area (the richest district of the city once) or hide from the scorching sun in the bowels of the Underground City (modern trading caves) “).

Montreal is not alien to sports life, there are all conditions for tennis, golf, rafting, fishing, mountaineering, canoeing, cycling (the city has an incredible number of cycle tracks).

The gastronomic Montreal is a unique blend of diverse cuisines, tastes and nuances: French grace, American monumentality, oriental spice … all this is due to the multinationality of the city, reflected in the menu of restaurants and cafes, as well as on the shelves of food markets.

• The Basilica of Notre Dame de Montreal or Notre Dame Cathedral (1829-1888) – a cathedral splendor resembling a Parisian counterpart, was erected on the Place de la Arms. None of the many Montreal churches can be compared to Notre Dame. Everything in the cathedral was created specifically to impress the mind and catch the breath of visitors. Is it possible to look indifferently at the 70-meter twin towers “Restraint” and “Perseverance” or thousands and thousands of golden stars pinned to the blue dome of the ceiling? In the evenings, an amazing light and sound show is organized here, the purpose of which is to tell the guests the history of the city. Unfortunately, tragic events did not pass around the basilica – a fire in 1978 almost destroyed the cathedral, only photographs and drawings helped restore its former greatness, and 32 bronze compositions were cast as a symbol of overcoming difficulties.

• Olympic Stadium (1973) – in 1976, the stadium hosted the Olympic Games, for which a sports arena was built – a venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the celebration. The structure looks like a huge turtle, and the 175-meter-high inclined tower of La Tour de Montreal was supposed to be a support for the sliding roof of the future stadium, which did not happen because there were not enough funds for the construction. But the tower became the tallest inclined building in the world (the angle is 45 degrees). Today, the arena hosts various sporting events, concerts and exhibitions, and the tower has viewing platforms from where you can admire the magnificent Montreal.

• A biodome is adjacent to the stadium and is based in the building in the form of a maple leaf. A biodome is an artificially reproduced natural zone of the planet. From the tropics you can easily get to the Arctic, from coniferous forests to the beach, etc.

• Biosphere – it is often confused with the Biodome, but the sphere is on the island, and inside there is an eco-museum dedicated to the protection of nature. The water exhibition is very popular, where guests are invited to try pumping water on their own and filling the bathtub with it – it is not surprising that Canadians know its price and can save such an important resource.