How Canadian parents master social networks

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While we were in Europa, everyone made calls to the mobile. But immigration to Canada forced parents to buy a computer, a camera, to master Skype, Viber and even Facebook. I’m sure everyone has tried to teach an expensive, wise life experience parent to answer calls, take photos or write messages. One has only to recall the expression on the face of the mother after your phrase: “You click on the icon with the mouse and the window will open. Simply simple!”

So that’s what I understood. New technologies are revenge! Sophisticated revenge of parents. For help with our homework in school. For admission to college. Revenge for every test, exam and, finally, for a diploma. Here you, children, get a fascist grenade! After all, you, dear son and daughter, do not remember how many times I bit my elbows while you mastered 7 8 56. World bestseller “Recall All” teach a parent to write messages in Viber! Every conversation on Skype is a challenge! Checking family ties for strength. While I phoned, while we were able to see each other, then hear, it’s time to flee on business. Do you also see only the ceiling of your own house when your mother calls you on Skype to see your favorite grandchildren? And dad’s question from another room: “Can you see me?”

And who else hangs carpets on the walls? The famous background of photos from the film camera of the late 90s and early 2000s. And at the bottom of the photo a thin striped forehead wishing to be imprinted in history. Well, if the photographer is a pro and has not yet managed to raise a glass “For love! Girls are for you!”, Then sometimes there were eyes on the photo. Well, you know! Yes, to get such a carpet before, it was necessary to make approximately as much effort as for immigration to Canada! So numerous photos of the carpet are quite justified. Are you smiling? And I Recently, my mother had to learn the touchscreen of the phone. We had to turn off our cell phones for the night. Because of the difference in time and, as mom complains, because of disproportionately big fingers. All night, if mom didn’t write, she would call us many times. My beloved, intelligent, wise and the best parents in the world! Your nightly calls, incomprehensible T9 messages, comments in FB without punctuation and the famous ceiling in the Skype camera are all a manifestation of your true love!

Only love for children and the desire to communicate with us makes our parents real hackers! They are ready to start learning something radically new and completely incomprehensible at 50, 60 or even 90 years! Love and desire to learn deserves only respect, understanding and our support. Patience to us, the lucky ones who have parents. At least one that our parents raised us with advanced users. Which, not long hours, will teach children to use Skype with a hologram and virtual reality