Go Green! 4th Mar

If you care about your environment, you will be pleased to know that there is a growing market for green fashion. Designers are popping up everywhere and offering real fashion alternatives that look good and are environmentally kind. Many of these designers have created ways of recycling or re-using materials that might otherwise be discarded. At the top end of the fashion spectrum, we find the wonderful Stella McCartney who has always been green (what more could you expect with her parentage?). But designers are making waves throughout the fashion world all the way down to the smaller less heard of names who are making clothes from organic cotton, hemp and bamboo, and stylish shoes that contain no leather or other animal products. If you have a favourite designer whose key message is a green one then please share it with us here!

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4th March 13



Posted by Jess Contomichalos


This looks fab! Have just finished a training run for the London Triathlon, so am suitably sweaty :-(

Will definitely look out for this product in the shops.


Posted by susie brown on 5th Mar ´13

I have been inspired by the H&M conscious range….not only does it look great but it’s affordable? Just check at Helen Hunt at the Oscars in one of their pieces!

For children you can’t beat the gorgeous home grown Cornish brand Frugi. Just so very cute and organic!

Posted by Jude Spour on 5th Mar ´13

I always buy organic cotton for my kids - as far as I am concerned anything that helps the environment has always got to be good!

Posted by Lucy Dormer on 6th Mar ´13

Absolutely agree! I’m fussy when it comes to a green approach to my beauty products too. One of my favs Liz Earle have a great ethical ingredient sourcing policy & a dedicated ‘green team’!

Posted by Becky McGuire on 6th Mar ´13

Thank you for your tips - organic cotton was just starting to be used in clothes about 8 years ago - I remember being sent samples - it’s great to see now that it is the norm - especially coming through now with all the high street stores - good news!

Posted by Jess Contomichalos on 7th Mar ´13

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