What to bring as a gift from Canada or Canadian souvenirs

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Canada is one of the most popular countries for visiting tourists, so there are goods for every color and wallet. It should be noted that the most popular tourist places are usually located in the city center. In my city of Vancouver, I think many people know the famous Gastown district (Gastown), so it is there that they sell fairly expensive souvenirs (although you can try to find something inexpensive). Therefore, if you want to save money, then go for gifts to the nearest Dollar Store (Dollarama, Dollar Store, Dollar Tree), as well as the small locale of Dollars. By the way, in the souvenir Dollars you can find 2 inexpensive, unofficial symbols of Canada the moose and the beaver, well, and where without the bear. If you visit Vancouver in the spring and summer, then look at the Asian night markets, there is also enough of all kind of gift. Also worth visiting is Granville Island with a bunch of small locales of shops.

Also, pay attention to the various promotions that provide stores. For example, now in London Drugs there are good discounts on cool cups, in Walmart and Superstore SALE is also satisfied. Chain stores Hudson Bay has its own stylistic goods with a Canadian theme. Last year, they bought a gift for her husband’s mother there. A brilliant find was mittens and a scarf of very good quality, Canada was not without inscriptions. Also, do not forget about the network of Canadian stores Winners and HomeSense and their American counterpart Marshalls.

There you can find a lot of things, including branded goods with good prices. Where can one do without the main character of Canada? When we hear “Canada”, then surely many people have a symbol of a maple leaf in our head, which we could see on the flag of the country. Of course, maple syrup can be found in any major store supermarket. However, do not be surprised to see ice cream with maple syrup or cookies but what about sweet popcorn or bacon with the taste of maple syrup? The list goes on and on, but still, it’s better to see all this delicious beauty in the store, and choose what you like best. If you are too lazy to look for the right maple syrup for shopping, then just buy the most popular gift maple syrup called Labonté for only 9.99 on amazon through this link. And also in addition you can order these popular maple candies.

I will start with the popular dessert Nanaimo Bars, which is a three-layer piece of crumb cake, butter glaze with a taste of vanilla and chopped chocolate. You can buy it in many cafes, as well as in supermarkets. Smarties small multicolored glazed chocolate candies. Another of the series of Canadian sweets Caramilk, Crunchie, Coffee Crisp, Wunderbar, Crispy Crunch, Aero, Maltesers, Mr.Big, Glosette. Who traveled, certainly paid attention to the range of products in other countries. Take China, then there are laces with the taste of some Chinese ramen, in Korea with spicy meat, in Japan with wasabi or watermelon. So the Canadian Lays is, with a taste of the popular dish “Putin”, emphasis on the letter “i” (eng. Poutine, and the name of the President of Russia is in no way connected), but also remembered with ketchup and Montreal meat.